Six Reasons Why Skating Isn't A Fad

Six Reasons Why Skating Isn't A Fad

It's hard to deny the appeal of roller skating. After all, what could be more fun than gliding along with the wind in your hair? For some reason, skating has been seen as a fad sport that comes in and out of fashion. This could be due to the bursts of attention roller skating receives in the media when someone famous is spotted wearing skates, or roller skating is featured in a movie or video clip. But skating has been enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds for hundreds of years, and it continues to grow in popularity around the world. There are many good reasons why skating isn’t a fad and will be around forever - here’s a few of them.

1. Skating is a cultural phenomenon

magazines featuring crazy skates

Roller skating is not a fad. However, there are times when it appears to be more popular than at other times - thanks to the media choosing when, and when not to highlight it. When someone famous has been photographed in roller skates - or a music video clip has featured roller skaters in it - the apparent ‘popularity’ of roller skating increases.

Don’t let the media coverage trick you. There’s an active and vibrant skating community all over the world and just because it’s not constantly in the media spotlight, doesn’t mean that skating is a fad that comes and goes. It’s true that in recent years, roller skating has become something of a cultural phenomenon with artists like Pink releasing songs that celebrate skate culture (‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’). But when people don’t see much roller skating in the movies, or on TV, the perception is that it’s an activity that is no longer popular.

2. Skating is a rite of passage

People are enjoying roller skating ALL THE TIME, regardless of what the celebrities are doing. Every single day, children all over the world take the rite of passage journey of learning to skate - just the same way as nearly every child learns to ride a bike, learns to swim or learns a sport with their peers. Roller skating is taking place in driveways, at the park, at the beach, on basketball courts, at community centers, and at roller skating rinks all over the world. Adults and children alike have enjoyed roller skating for

centuries - and they continue to enjoy it today.

3. Skating is a supercharged environment for social connection

Roller skating is loved by people of all ages and abilities, and it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends. As fun as it is, the overwhelming majority of roller skating that happens worldwide is really just an opportunity for social interaction. Be it with a group of friends that meet at the basketball courts to skate after school, or the birthday parties that happen at roller rinks all over all over the western world every weekend, skating creates an everlasting memory of a fun experience and great friendships.

At the core of why skating isn’t a fad and will be around forever is the simple fact that there’s nothing quite like hitting the pavement on a pair of skates. The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the feeling of freedom as you glide down the street. It’s no wonder that roller skating continues to be a popular pastime around the world. However, there’s another reason for the ongoing, and increasing, popularity of roller skating. Believe it or not, it’s their size!

4. Skates don’t take up a lot of space

In today’s society, we are generally living in a progressively more compact environment, which means we just don’t have the space to store larger outdoor play or sporting equipment.

Roller skates and inline skates take up about the same amount of space as a pair of boots, making them a space-friendly option for outdoor play. But it’s not just their compact size that makes them appealing - roller skating is also a whole bucket load of fun.

boy having fun in inline skates

5. Skating is easy to learn

Skating is great for kids because it builds confidence, increases muscle strength, and improves balance. Anyone can learn to skate! It's simple, fun, and the process of learning is all part of the excitement. Roller skating or inline skating - it doesn't matter which you choose, they're both easy for children to learn. The average child aged 4-6 years can get comfortable skating in about 30-40 minutes. Once they're confident on their skates the fun really starts.

6. Skating is for everyone

We all know that skating is a great physical activity for kids, but did you know that many adults also enjoy skating as a low impact workout. Roller skating can provide a

great cardiovascular workout and help build muscle strength in the legs, arms, and core. Plus, there’s the added bonus of improved balance and coordination skills that come with any physical activity.

Engaging in fun activities like roller skating can help reduce stress levels—which means it has potential mental health benefits too! Who knew something so fun could be so beneficial? 

There are many different types of roller skating styles (roller derby, inline hockey, dance and figure skating, rollerfit, downhill skating, speed skating, etc) and they all experience surges in popularity from time to time. But, the baseline of roller skating is as loved today as it was yesterday and will be again tomorrow.