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Pivot Cup - Delrin (White) - Set of 4
Pivot Cup GALAXY [Black] - set of 4
Pivot Cup URETHANE [Red] - Set of 4
8mm Wheel Nuts - Set of 8
8mm Wheel Nuts - Set of 8
Sale price$3.00
Roller Skate Tool
Roller Skate Tool
Sale price$5.00
GALAXY Toe Stop Screw
GALAXY Toe Stop Screw
Sale price$2.00


Looking to upgrade or maintain your roller skates?

Check out our range of skate tools and hardware, specifically designed to help you achieve optimal performance, comfort, and safety while skating.

We offer a variety of high-quality parts and tools to suit different skating styles, preferences, and needs.

Whether you need new wheels, bearings, plates, boots, toe stops, or other accessories, we have you covered.

Our products are compatible with a range of roller skate models and come with easy installation and adjustment procedures to ensure proper use.

Shop now to elevate your skating experience.