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The tested weight limit of the Infinity Freestyle and City Series Scooters is 100kg. As the scooters increase in price, their general rigidity and comfort level for heavier riders increases.


There is no international standard for roller skate weight limits and capacities. But rest assured that our skates are as tough as they come. Some of our models are deliberately made to be lightweight for learning and growing children, these skates will be less suited to skaters with higher body weights due to the flex that can occur when skating. 

Similarly, we produce some competition skates that are more than capable of handling the largest of skaters in high power racing and roller derby competition at the international level. Each skate has its own suitability to terrain, skate style, bodyweight range and skater power range. 

In short, it comes down to each individual skating style and situation. If you are concerned about the suitability of a particular skate model's suitability to your bodyweight and skating power - please contact us and we can give you general advice on the suitability of particular models for your situation. 

As a general rule of thumb, heavier skaters, powerful skaters and skaters with very large feet should consider our more expensive models of skates. Higher price point skates in our line up are strengthened and better accommodate the forces generated by larger and more powerful skaters. You can always call our office and we will be happy to advise a model that will be best suited to your specific circumstances.

Modern urethane compounds used in our wheels are perfect for skating on many different surfaces. However, what is accepted as "Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels" is a wheel with a hardness rating around 78a (this is generally the softest skating wheel made).

By having wheels that are very soft, it will allow a skater to skate on rougher outdoor surfaces by dampening the vibrations that come from the rough surface. Adults and skaters with a higher body weight will feel these vibrations more strongly than a child or lighter skater, so it more common for skaters to get outdoor wheels when they fit one or more of these categories:

- They have a high bodyweight

- They are skating long distances

- They are skating on rough surfaces

 The downside of having very soft wheels is that the squishy wheel will absorb some of your speed as you skate. Skaters who really want to hit and maintain high speeds easily, tend to go for a harder wheel which will not squish and absorb speed as much. Harder wheels (usually hardness ratings from 90a to 100a) are harder and work well on smooth rink surfaces where vibrations are less. Harder wheels give you the ability to maintain spins, reach higher skate speeds and engage in slides. It is also essential to have harder wheels when skating at a skatepark, where the ability to slide in and out of stunts can mean avoiding serious injury. 

So, Can I use my outdoor wheels inside?

- Yes, but they will be slower when you skate, it will also be harder to do spinning tricks or slides. 

Can I use my indoor wheels outside?

- Yes, but they will transfer more vibration into your legs and you do take the small risk of taking chunks out of your wheel if you hit very sharp rocks or debris.

- You will also wear out hard wheels faster using them outdoors.

Wheel choice is less important for small children, as they are so lightweight that the need for dampening vibrations is lessened. They also don’t need to worry so much about softer wheels slowing them down. 

General Recreational skaters often needn't worry about what hardness of wheel comes on their skates. If you are skating at only moderate speeds, over short distances, on mostly smooth surfaces - you can use almost any wheel without noticing a large speed or vibration difference. If you are just learning to skate, almost any wheel on our standard skate packages will be a great starting point for your skating, regardless of your choice to skate indoors or outdoors. Later on, once you decide what sort of skating you love doing (Speed, Dance, Skatepark, Derby, Artistic, Fitness....) you can choose a specialised wheel that will best suit that discipline.

In short, with the myriad of wheel options available to you it’s important to not get too lost in the technology and remember to focus on the joy of skating. Wheels are just one element of the experience. As long as you are skating on a wheel that is compatible with your skating environment and that wheel is a Poured Urethane Wheel (which comes standard on All Crazy Skates Models) you are sure to be having a great skating experience. Cast urethane wheels or plastic wheels offer a much lower performance experience and a much greater chance of slipping while skating as well as a higher chance of damaging the surface you are skating on.  

Trix is an advanced level skate. The three-wheeled option gives you greater outdoor performance and higher indoor speed. But, this comes with the need for a well-developed technique to control your skates as they are at a greater height. 

The three-wheel configuration also cannot be fitted with a heel brake however the four-wheel configuration can be fitted with a heel brake.

The Trix frame is the same on both the 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled option, you can swap backwards and forwards between the two using your same frame and different sets of wheels.

In short, 3 wheeled skates are in general more difficult to ride but are lighter and quicker outdoors, with a tighter turning circle. 4 wheeled skates are easier to ride and offer more grip in a rink scenario. 


Finding the correct size is the most important step before purchasing a pair of skates. This video shows you in detail how to accurately find your correct size: 


So you've purchased some gorgeous Illumin8 wheels but don't know how to get them onto your skates?

Watch our easy to follow instructional video:


Watch our instructional video that shows you how to correctly fit 148 Adjustable Inline Skates onto your foot:


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Adjusting the bushings + cushions on your skates can open up a whole new world of skating styles and possibilities.

This video shows you how to take apart your plates and displays the different results you'll get from different setups!

Click the link below to watch an easy to follow step by step guide on how to adjust your bushings cushions:


Crazy Skates Joey Range of Scooters feature a great adjustment feature to make using the scooter more accessible to younger riders as they progress.

In this video we show how to make these simple adjustments to the Joey and Joey Glo model Scooters by Crazy Skates:


Our Infinity City Series Scooters require some minor assembly upon purchase.

This video shows you how to assemble the scooter, and explains a variety of features + adjustments you can enjoy with your new scooter!


Our Infinity Freeride Series Scooters require some minor assembly upon purchase.

Our step by step video shows you how to assemble the scooter, and explains a variety of features including how to make adjustments so you can enjoy with your new scooter!