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Alpha Inline Skates

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Alpha Inline Skates

The Alpha is a adjustable inline skate for intermediate to advanced skaters. It has the same great features from our entry level Model 148, plus some extra high-performance components designed for more experienced inline skaters. The result is a great skate that provides an ideal roll at a great price point.

Size Adjustable

The first and most important feature of these skates is their ability to size adjust across a range of four shoe sizes. There is a button on the side of the boot that, when pressed, allows you to slide the toe section to increase or decrease the size. This means that the skates will be able to grow along with your child, allowing them to enjoy the skates for a longer period and saving you money as well!

Bright LED Light-up Wheels

The Alpha features four LED wheels on each skate. These ultra-bright wheels contain numerous points of light, all of which are motion activated, meaning they light up as they spin. These wheels are fully powered just by the motion of your skating, so they will never need replacement batteries and are guaranteed to light up the street or the rink.

High Quality Design

The Alpha was built specifically for skaters who have gained a bit of experience and looking to expand their skills, so these skates focus on providing a smooth, pro-level rolling and gliding experience. This type of quality is possible because these skates include ABEC-7 bearings and 72mm solid urethane wheels, which make the skates ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These skates are great for street hockey, roller derby, and all types of inline skate activities.

Comfort Fit

Comfort and support are very important for a new skater. The Alpha is built with a solid frame boot, which makes it strong and durable, that provides the correct support and cuff stiffness for young skaters. The all-nylon boot also includes a breathable mesh liner and ventilated shell, both of which will keep your child comfortable and happy during extended skating sessions.



All the wheels on each skate feature motion activated, ultra bright LEDs that light up as you skate! They are powered by movement and will never need replacement batteries, so the the fun never needs to stop!


The Alpha Inline Skates are size adjustable to fit a range of 4 shoe sizes. Just push the size adjustment button on the side and move the front of the skate to create a perfectly customized fit.


These skates were designed with both comfort and support in mind; so they have soft and breathable boots that are surrounded by a firm, supportive cuff. These elements combine to provide the comfortable support that skaters need!