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Competition skating is often won or lost in a fraction of a second, wanting to give our loyal family of skaters the technology to capture these fragments of time to use to their advantage - we went back to the designs of our most famous toe stop - and made a competition version that gives you 110%.  Using dual pour technology to layer multiple rubber compounds, we were able to maintain the original feel of the famous Big Bloc, but decrease its stopping distance drastically. The Big Bloc Pro was born. The softer red rubber layer gives you extra traction in the heat of the moment where stopping that moment sooner can be make or break.  This Pro model compound is intended for game day, bout day, competition, tournaments or whenever you need that supercharged performance. 

Made in natural (gum) colored rubber with a Red Underside, this compound is nonmarking and suitable for all skating surfaces.

World Famous for Performance, Stability, and Longevity

Large Flat Bottom, for Fast Stopping and Ultimate Stability

Non-Marking, Long Lasting Natural Rubber Compound

Great Grip on Slippery Surfaces

Perfectly Suited to the Modern Roller Derby Game 

Recognized as the Longest Lasting Toe Stop in the Industry

Threads are M16 x 1.5