Five Reasons Why You Should Become A Roller Skater

Five Reasons Why You Should Become A Roller Skater

Ask any skater why they skate, and you’ll get a million and one different responses. At Crazy Skates, we love it because it brings joy to everyone who pops OUR skates on to their feet. Our skates create a sense of magic from the very first moment they are taken out of the box. Kids never forget their first pair of skates - and if they are Crazy Skates, that memory will be an incredible one.

You may have thought that roller skating was a thing of the past, but it's actually more popular than ever. And there's plenty of great explanations for that. Read on to discover FIVE amazing reasons why you should become a roller skater.

Roller skating brings families together - it’s fun for everyone

Would you believe that skating is one of the very few activities that the entire family can enjoy, so it’s an incredible way to bond. Spending quality time together on the rink creates memories that will last a life-time. There's just something about skating that brings people together and puts a smile on their faces. Whether you're reliving your childhood by gliding across the roller rink floor, or cheering the kids on from the side lines, skating is a special activity that opens up endless possibilities for family bonding. In fact, studies show that active participation in sports, such as skating, builds stronger bonds between family members and gives kids a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence. So if you're looking for a fun activity that will bring you all together - lace up your skates and experience the joy of skating.

Skating is social - hang out with friends, or make new ones

Roller skating is not just a fun and exciting way to get some exercise - it's also an awesome way to socialize and make new friends. Unlike other sports, skating has a festive atmosphere where kids can roller skate together with their friends - or meet new ones. Skating helps to build confidence and self-esteem, and it's a great way for children to stay connected with their mates while having fun. 

Roller skating is great for increasing physical fitness

When it comes to keeping fit, there's no doubt that roller skating is one of the best exercises out there. Skating actually involves working every muscle in your core in order to maintain balance and control. Skating is hands down (or should we say ‘feet down’) one of the coolest ways to get fit. It’s low-impact in nature so it's an activity that’s relatively easy on the joints, and although it might not feel like the most intense cardio workout, it's a great way to get the blood pumping! 

Becoming a roller skater strengthens and tones your legs

girl skating with yellow school bus

Roller skating is a fantastic way to strengthen and tone up your legs. With all that constant forward motion - and the control required to keep your balance - your leg muscles are constantly working. If you haven’t skated for a while, you’ll certainly feel it the next day! But don't let that deter you - the fun, excitement, and joy you'll experience while skating will far outweigh any post-skating soreness.

Skating works muscles you forgot you had

girl skating on dock with celebrity art skates by crazy skates

It’s not just your legs that will get a workout as skating also does wonders for your core. Maintaining your balance on skates requires activating and engaging those good old core muscles, which means you're doing all sorts of toning without even realizing it. We're not just talking about traditional abdominal muscles - though they definitely get a workout too! We're also talking about all the other core muscles that you probably never even think about - your quads, your glutes, and even those deep, hard-to-reach muscles that can be difficult to target with other exercises.

Regular skating is a great way to improve your fitness and spend quality time with the family. There are so many other benefits as well, so go get your Crazy Skates on and get rolling! Who knows – maybe you'll become as addicted to skating as we are!