Choose Kids The Right Skate From The Start!

Choose Kids The Right Skate From The Start!

We all know that roller skating is a great way to have a bucket load of fun. However, for the best skating experience possible, you’re going to need skates that have been designed for safety and comfort (like ours). Our quality wheels provide a smooth ride - and if you're worried about being able to stop quickly and effectively, don't be! Our toe stops will safely slow you down, no matter what surface you're skating on. Not to mention, our skates are also fashionable and stylish. So, if you're looking for the best skating experience possible, make sure to get your skates from Crazy Skates.

When it comes to buying your child their first pair of roller skates, it can be tempting to go for something ‘cheap and cheerful’. After all, you never know if they are going to enjoy skating, or not. The downside to this line of thinking is that cheap toy skates will often give kids a less than great experience. They won’t enjoy getting blisters, or having wheels that slide, and they’ll decide skating is not for them. However - at Crazy Skates, we have a thousand reasons why OUR skates will give your child a love of skating that will last a life-time. We’ll keep it simple though - here’s the top five!

Get the right skate from the start - our skates are designed for comfort

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A happy skating experience creates a memory that lasts a lifetime. If your child is suffering from ill-fitting, poor quality skates it stands to reason that they are not going to enjoy it. We believe that quality should be your top priority when buying a pair of skates. When you invest in our skates, you choose a brand that refuses to cut corners. Our skates are designed in Australia and manufactured using only the highest quality materials. Our boots are padded with premium, breathable foam that won’t flatten and lose shape, so blisters and pressure spots simply won’t be a problem. We also cater for almost all feet sizes and shapes, ensuring a comfortable fit from the start.

Our skates have quality urethane wheels - no slipping or sliding 

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More often than not, inferior 'toy' skates come equipped with plastic wheels which do not roll well and are very slippery on smooth surfaces such as indoor roller rinks. This does nothing for confidence when learning how to skate and will likely lead to more falls and bumps. All of our skates come standard with high-quality urethane wheels which roll extremely well and provide the perfect level of grip. We also use premium chrome ABEC bearings to make gliding even easier and offer a far smoother ride than you’ll get on other skates.

You’ll feel confident to stop on any surface with our toe stops

Being able to stop quickly and effectively is obviously important when skating, especially for beginners. Once again, so many other skates fall short in this department as their toe stops are made of plastic which tend to slide when pressed against the ground - not stop. With our high-quality urethane (not plastic) toe stops, coming to a halt quickly and efficiently will be a breeze. Our stoppers are made from long-lasting, non-marking material so they won’t scratch or mark-up indoor surfaces like other stoppers can. They are designed to give your child maximum control over their skating experience so they’ll be able to stop and start with confidence. No sliding. No slipping.

Our skates are fashionable and stylish (yes, that’s important - even for kids)

Let's face it, kids actually do care about what they look like when they’re skating. Whether they love to stand out from the crowd, or prefer something more subtle, our huge range of colors, designs, and styles means that there's something for everyone at Crazy Skates. Some of our skates have LED light-up wheels, others feature two-tone flip sequin panels. We have boots that have been infused with glitter, and some that showcase a stunning laser-cut filigree heel brooch. The variety of styles and colors in our range is vast - but they all have one thing in common - they have been designed 100% to look good.

‘Quality’ doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’ - our skates are affordable

As you’ve just been reading, good quality skates offer a far better skating experience - but this doesn’t mean you will have to break the bank to get your kids the right skate from the start. In fact, our skates are extremely competitive when it comes to price - and as they have been made so well, they will last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. This means you’ll be able to pass them down to smaller family members, or friends, when your child outgrows them. Our skates will help your child to develop their skills faster and with less frustration along the way - that alone is worth its weight in gold.

Investing in an awesome pair of roller skates from Crazy Skates is the best way to make sure your child enjoys a lifelong love of skating! With comfort, style, safety, and performance all taken care of, all you need to do is sit back and watch them progress - from tentative first steps - all the way through to becoming an accomplished skating superstar! 

Check out our kids skates page for more details on choosing the right pair of skates for your child, from beginners to more seasoned skating enthusiasts.