Tips For Getting Started With Your New Roller Skates

Tips For Getting Started With Your New Roller Skates

Whether you're a kid starting out on your first pair of roller skates, or an adult trying this classic childhood pastime once again, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when learning to roller skate. Mastering the art of standing up and balancing can take some practice, so be sure to read through these tips and tricks that might help you to get the hang of it in no time.

Starting out on roller skates is great fun and an awesome way to get some exercise, but it can be a little daunting for beginners. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right foot (or should we say, skate?). 

How to find the right size roller skates for you

When you’re starting out on roller skates, getting the right size is super important, as skates that are too big, or too small, will rub against your feet and give you blisters. To get the right size - you have to remember that shoe sizes do not always accurately reflect skate sizing. Every brand of shoe has its own unique fit and sizing, and skates are no exception. That's why it’s crucial that you take the time to get your size right before you start.

So how does it work? Simply remove the innersole from your favorite shoe, place it on a flat surface, and measure from one end to the other in a straight line. Then simply compare this measurement with the corresponding sizing chart for the specific style of skate you're interested in. With this simple and reliable guide at your fingertips, finding the right skate is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Tying your roller skate laces

Once you have the right size, the next step is to make sure your skate laces are tied securely with a double-knot so they don’t come undone while you skate. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that touts various lace tying techniques as the secret to getting the perfect fit. The truth is - skate design and technology has improved immensely over recent years. If you buy a pair of properly fitted quality skates, like ours at Crazy Skates, then you won’t need to worry about your skates being uncomfortable. Our roller skates are made from premium material and quality foam, so no matter how you tie your laces, you’ll be able to skate for hours without getting blisters or sore spots.


Myth busted: Changing the way your laces are tied will not give you a wider fitting skate or any extra length in the toe. No amount of special lace configuration will make your skates fit you any better - but what will give you a comfortable fit is a good quality skate - that has been properly fitted to your foot. 

Safety first - what to look for with your protective gear

kids with skates and safety pads

Roller skating is one of the coolest hobbies out there, and no matter whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced skater, it’s important to stay protected. This is why it’s essential to invest in quality protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a sturdy helmet. You should look for safety gear with extra-wide velcro straps and an anti-slip backing so that they stay in place no matter how fast you skate.


Another key consideration when looking for protective gear is breathability. Roller skating can be a physically demanding activity, so it is important to choose gear that allows air to circulate freely so that you stay cool and dry no matter how much time you spend on your skates. Of course, we cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet.


Roller skating can be great fun, but it is always better to take every possible precaution to maximize your safety. So, whether you are just starting out or have been rolling around on wheels for years – remember to wear high-quality protective gear at all times! 

Tips for standing up on roller skates for the first time 

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Roller skating is a fun and exciting way to get moving and experience a sense of freedom and joy unlike anything else. But for first-time skaters, getting up on your skates can be a challenge. That's why it's important to start out slowly and build up your confidence before trying any fancy tricks or complex moves.


Once you've got your skates on, it's time to stand up. Put your hands against the wall, or on the back of a chair for support, and then gently push down with your feet until you're standing up straight. If you're feeling wobbly, don't worry—that's perfectly normal when you’re starting out on roller skates! Just take your time and focus on keeping your balance. 

How to get used to balancing when starting out on roller skates 

Now that you're standing up, let’s get moving! For beginner skaters, we recommend starting out on the carpet - until you get used to the feeling of having wheels beneath your feet. Start by pointing your feet outward, like a penguin, and make small stepping movements in the forward direction. When you have mastered this, gently push off with one foot and glide along on the other. If you need to stop, just drag your toe stop (the big rubber stopper at the front of your skate) against the ground until you come to a halt. If you’re feeling confident, you can try turning by pointing your hips in the direction you’re wanting to turn, and shifting your weight onto the edge of the wheels. With a little practice, you'll soon be zipping around like a pro!  

Practice makes progress - you’ll get better at roller skating every time you try

At Crazy Skates, we know that roller skating is a great way to have some fun and get some exercise, but it takes a little bit of practice to get used to it. By tying your skates securely, standing up slowly, and taking your time as you learn, you’ll get better with every session and be the star of the roller rink in no time.