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The RETRO Roller it’s got style, it’s got comfort, it’s got versatility, it’s got everything you need to catch everybody's attention as you skate off on a sun-drenched adventure. Everything you love about skating, done simply well. This retro-styled classic boot has been reimagined into every skater's dream skate.

- SCULPTED RETRO BOOTS - Our super soft leatherette boots have carved out a reputation for being the comfiest skate boots with the best longevity in the industry. The Retro takes this form fitted boot with a rolled collar to be your companion for your Summer of Skating! Our boots are made of 100% vegan materials and will be kind to your feet as well as to animals. Our lining is soft-touch felt and our tongues are backed with a form-fitting neoprene to stop lace pressure. Our soles are synthetic with printed wood grain for an authentic retro look. Our boots are permanently bonded to our soles by professionals who can claim over 20 years of expertise in making skates the right way. Don’t accept poorly constructed imitations, the Retro Roller is the real deal for true skaters, at a price that everyone can afford.

- Alloy Trucks and Plates With Real Urethane Bushings - The magic of skating comes from a great rigid plate design and smooth compression of high-quality urethane bushings. This gives you a great smooth ride and deep turns as well as the ability to adjust the performance of your skates to your individual needs as a skater. The plate is a high strength cast alloy with metal trucks and steel axles.

- 62mm 78a Outdoor Wheels and ABEC 7 Chrome Speed Bearings - The Retro comes pre-fitted with Retro Roller signature Outdoor wheels. These wheels are full-sized and super soft (78a durometer) with a rounded edge. These wheels are pre-loaded and perfectly spaced with ABEC 7 Chrome Steel Bearings and a long-life thick internal lubricant to better repel dust, debris and moisture. And did we mention that the wheels are filled with Glitter?

- Glitter Infused Toe Stops - Non marking poured urethane toe stoppers in matching colours, with glitter infused into the stopper